Plone Conference 2010

Over 400 attendees are set to meet at the 8th annual Plone Conference for a week-long program of training, talks and developer sprints from the 25th to 31st of October at the Thistle Grand Hotel in Bristol, UK.

Organized by Netsight Internet Solutions, it promises to bring together developers, designers, end users and business people. This year an additional event is being planned as a one-day mini-conference on the 26th October called "Plone in Business" which will be aimed specifically at analysts, advisors, evaluators and information professionals looking to find out more about Plone and see a showcase of successful Plone projects from across the sectors. It will also see the launch of the JBoye Plone Community of Practice.

The main part of the conference, from the 27th - 29th October, has over 50 scheduled talks from speakers from 19 countries and includes an 'unconference' day in which talks will be proposed by the attendees.  Scheduled talks include:

  • Easier and faster Plone theming with Deliverance
  • Design and Development with Dexterity
  • Enterprise Search in Plone with Solr
  • Boosting productivity with "Plone-driven Plone development"
  • Building a digital nation with Plone

Alan Runyan, co-founder of Plone and president of Enfold Systems along with Alex Limi, fellow co-founder of Plone and now Firefox User Experience Lead at Mozilla will be delivering a keynote. There will also be a guest keynote by Richard Noble, OBE, project director of the Bloodhound SSC project attempting be build a car to pass the 1,000mph land speed mark.

The conference falls at a great time, with the recent release of Plone 4, a product that raises the bar in the Content Management System market with a faster, more user-friendly and more refined version of the product.

So far, registrations for the conference have come from over 30 countries around the world. To find out more about the conference and to register, visit