Mobile Apps

Enfold Systems builds high-performance, cross-platform Mobile Applications (Apps) with Flutter customized to suit our clients’ business needs. Enfold’s expert client and development teams will guide you through every aspect of mobile app development. We’ll learn about your business and your customers and work with you to build the app that achieves your business goals. Finally, we’ll prototype and graphically design your app with your feedback and deploy it to the Google Play and iOS App Stores. Whether your objectives include increased productivity, sales, revenue, or business process transparency, Enfold will strive to build the right app for you.

Flutter Development, A better way to Create Mobile Apps

Flutter is a User Interface (U.I.) toolkit created by Google using a programming language called Dart. It is a mobile application, cross-platform development framework and has become one of the more popular foundations for mobile development.

Enfold Systems can develop as much as 50% more quickly than developing separate ‘native’ Apps for iOS and Android. In addition, our clients’ apps look like native apps instead of looking like something designed for another platform. Enfold can also deploy fully functional mobile apps on desktop machines.

Cross-platform Development

Enfold specializes in building mobile apps that can be deployed on iOS and Android devices through a single code base. This approach means developing your app and deploying it more quickly than maintaining separate code bases for each platform.

  • Reduced Development Time
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

App Maintenance and Support 

Enfold supports what they build. Apps are constantly improving, and we work with our clients to continuously improve and deploy new versions of their apps as new functionality is needed. Maintaining a single code-base also means that maintaining our client’s code takes less time and resources, and our clients can see up to 50% cost savings in maintenance costs over time.

MVP Validation 

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an App that satisfies your minimum requirements for a version that can be deployed to your user-base. You can then collect feedback from your users on this pre-release version and build the feedback requirements into the next release.

If you have an idea that you would like built quickly. Enfold Systems can get you to your Minimum Viable Product speedily and efficiently. Using Flutter, we can get your app to market across platforms more quickly with native-like performance.

Enfold can also help you collect and analyze user feedback and build a release plan for your organization.

Contributing back to the Flutter community

Enfold Systems is dedicated to contributing code back to the Flutter development community to ensure that Flutter’s ecosystem becomes more vital for everyone.