Enfold Systems' Mobile App Project Lifecycle

From initial design discussions through development and production support, Enfold Systems provides a single point of contact to ensure the success of your project.

  • Design - Enfold uses User Interface Design tools such as Adobe XD to communicate across team boundaries concerning the end-user interface and app functionality. The process allows developers to weigh in early during the design process, so customers know their options and the cost impact of certain features. These tools can create a mobile app prototype that allows our clients to interact with the initial designs to ensure the app is progressing as expected.

  • Development - Development iterations are planned and executed with the customers. This approach ensures that either the most valuable features are developed first, or the riskiest aspects of the application are driven out. The programming language that is used provides a lot of safety and substantially reduces programming mistakes early on in the software writing process.  
  • Testing - Our testing process involves a combination of automated and manual tests.  As development progresses, these tests are developed into a ‘runbook’ available for internal team members and customers during the project acceptance phase.  Automated tests are executed on the App code and do not expose their results or effects on the front-end User Interface. These iterative tests provide confidence in the correctness of the application logic.

  • Deployment - Production deployment involves using analytics, error reporting, and near real-time user interaction tracking to ensure quick problem resolution. Empowering business users with visibility into the rollout of their application is an Enfold Systems core value. This approach provides a touchpoint for Enfold and our client to have a common understanding of success and future opportunities.Enfold Systems Mobile Dev Process Model Image