Project Scoping Workshop

Create a strategic plan for the success of your next-generation Web site.

By the time you start looking for help with a Web development project, you probably already have a project “wish list” of stakeholders' requests. And perhaps you've taken it a step further by drafting a request for proposal, or RFP. Along with a few e-mail and phone conversations, these documents may be all a developer needs to understand a small project and provide an estimate. But if your project is complex, the search for help may leave you with a wide range of “guesstimates” and more questions than answers.

Enfold Systems' Project Scoping Workshop helps you through this kind of situation. In a series of on-site sessions, our project manager and business analyst guide your project team through consideration of a range of functional requirements, including:

    • Security
    • Roles and workflow
    • Content types
    • Integration with other systems
    • Information architecture, navigation and search
    • Usability, user interface and accessibility
    • Portal/personalization features
    • Custom tools and applications
    • Content migration and scalability

The workshop also will review your current Web site for successes and difficulties, identify overall project objectives and examine technologies that can meet your needs.

Over a period of several weeks following the workshop, we will work with you to organize your requirements, help you prioritize them, provide itemized work estimates and point out potential trouble spots.

Confidence for a complex project

Our Project Scoping Workshop gives you confidence to proceed responsibly when a complex Web development project requires significant resources. Deliverables include:

Project Charter
Defines project motivation, background and overall objectives. Delineates project scope by describing both in- and out-of-scope activities.
Business and Technical Requirements
Lists all project requirements and maps them to technologies. Assigns a priority level and provides a work estimate for each requirement. Flags activities that are risky due to technical unknowns.

These documents constitute the high-level strategic plan for development of your next-generation Web site.