Plone Performance and Optimization

Eliminate slowness, errors and downtime / Make Plone fast!

Like many forward-thinking organizations, you already may have developed a Plone-based Web site to take advantage of the flexibility and cost efficiency of open-source technology. But as traffic grows, and as you add features and significant amounts of content, performance may start to suffer noticeably. Response times slow. Errors crop up. Downtime increases. Your system needs tuning.  Enfold Systems’ Plone Performance and Optimization solution is designed to solve these problems.

"The development team took a very disciplined approach in assuring they actually improved our performance."  Guenther Weydauer, Holmes Corp.

With our deep Plone expertise on both Windows and Linux platforms, we apply proven methodologies and best practices to tune your system, get it running smoothly and make the most of your resources.  Enfold Systems’ Performance and Optimization package includes:

  • Benchmarking:  Analyze current website performance metrics using stress / load testing, debugging and reporting tools.  Our team then works with you to establish key success metrics to ensure a successful project result.
  • Comprehensive software applications review:  Analysis of operating systems, software versions, databases, 3rd party add-ons and integration with other systems.
  • Hardware & architecture evaluation:  Analysis of your network topology including firewalls, load balancers, authentication, DNS; and hardware resources including CPU, RAM, storage and any virtualization settings.
  • Plone Performance graphsPlanning:  Results of this comprehensive analysis are reviewed with your team, recommendations are discussed and a plan of action is formulated.  Your production environment is replicated at the Enfold Systems datacenter to allow the project team to implement and test changes without disrupting your organization.
  • Implementation:  Software applications / hardware resources are setup and configured based on the plan of action and results of iterative optimizations & testing.  Typical projects include use of reverse-caching technologies to reduce loads and improve security.  The results are measured against the goals set during benchmarking.
  • Documentation:  Comprehensive analysis reports, pre / post project performance reports and documentation of the modifications made to your systems are delivered.