The Learning Web

The Learning Web is the faculty Web publishing system that helps you:

Meet state requirements regarding public access to course information.

In 2009, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 2504, requiring all public colleges and universities to make a syllabus and curriculum vitae publicly available on the Web for each credit course they offer. To meet these new requirements, many institutions have scrambled and improvised to publish this information to a Web site.

The Learning Web is a long-term solution that streamlines the process of fulfilling these new state requirements by helping you create and maintain a public Web site for faculty instructional content.

    • SchoolEasily post the syllabus and instructor’s curriculum vitae for every course, and update them quickly when they change.
    • Make the required information accessible from your institution’s home page with a maximum of three clicks.
    • Make content fully searchable by keywords, phrases and within files.

Empower faculty members to post and manage their own Web content.

Many faculty members want to post their own instructional content to the Web. Yet they fail to use the technology provided to them because it takes too much time to learn and is too difficult to adapt to their specific needs.

The Learning Web makes posting content easy for faculty members because it’s based on Plone, an established, award-winning, free and open-source Web content management system that’s been actively improved by hundreds of developers with usability input from countless users since the project’s founding in 2001.  Onto this base and with faculty members’ input, professional educational technologists have added tools specifically designed to address the unique needs of college and university educators.

    • Give faculty members the ability to log in with the user names and passwords they already have by integrating the Learning Web with your existing identity management and directory systems.
    • Provide every faculty member with a Faculty Portfolio, a public Web presence where they can publish professional and course-related content through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The Faculty Portfolio includes tools to automate the posting of state-required curricula vitae and syllabi and to aid with other kinds of content, including documents, events, images, links and readings.
    • Faculty members can post and manage content from their offices, home or on the road – anywhere they have access to an Internet-connected Web browser.

Save time and money.

    • The Learning Web is open-source software: free of charge for you to try and use.
    • The Learning Web is ready to go as a faculty Web site and content management system that meets Texas’ new state requirements. Have it up and running with minimal configuration.
    • The Learning Web can run alongside your institution’s current Web site or sites. There’s no need to redesign and rebuild existing pages and navigation schemes.
    • The Learning Web requires minimal support and training, as proven by hundreds of users at Houston Community College campuses.

Evolve with changing needs.

The Learning Web is open-source software. Unlike with a proprietary system, which locks you to a single vendor and the features the vendor chooses to provide, you’re free to adapt the Learning Web to your own unique needs, as are the other institutions that use it. As the community of colleges and universities using Learning Web grows, you can expect the most useful improvements to be contributed back to the project for the benefit of all.

Implement with expert help.

Consulting, customization/integration, hosting and support services are available individually or as a turn-key solution to help you plan for, adapt to your needs, easily maintain and/or ensure the long-term viability of the Learning Web at your organization.  To learn more, request a callback or email us now!

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