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Enfold Proxy

Make Plone faster when you set up Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to handle a variety of tasks.


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Key FeaturesEnfold
Quickly set up IIS in front of Plone to serve images, style sheets,  browser scripts and Plone content. bullet off bullet on
Have IIS handle login requests, including automatic login using Windows single sign-on and SSL. bullet off bullet on
Manage proxying for multiple sites. bullet off bullet on
NEW Supports XDV theming of Plone. bullet off bullet on
Transform XML documents into Web pages with XSLT processing. bullet off bullet on
Integrate Plone content with other Web applications, such as e-commerce or customer relationship management. bullet off bullet on
Quickly diagnose and fix errors with tools for configuration checking, cache checking and cache purging. bullet off bullet on
Cache commonly used content to increase Plone performance up to 10x.
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Use automatic cache purging to ensure visitors see the latest content.
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Keep heavily trafficked sites running smoothly by adding servers, Load Balancing by distributing requests among them.
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Guarantee you'll have access to an Enfold Proxy expert if you need support.
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Protect business operations and productivity with fast severe-level response and an unlimited number of support incidents.
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* Learn more about Enfold software pricing in the Pricing FAQ