Upload Reference Widget

Widget that allows users to upload a File, have the file created as content and a reference to the file created as an attribute on the existing content

The Problem

Often a user uploads a file when creating or editing a content item. Plone displays the file as an attribute of the content.

For example: When creating a news item (say, q4-07-announcement), you upload a new image of a company logo. When you create the next news item, q1-08-announcement, you want to reuse the q4-07-announcement image. Not happening with default Plone.

This is horrible. So how can you reuse an image asset? You have to upload the image first. Then when you create a news item, you reference the image. But this complicates the user experience.


You open the image repository. You upload your images in bulk (possibly using Enfold Desktop). You go to a folder and create a news item. Instead of uploading the image, you click Reference image. You navigate the image repository to find your newly uploaded image. At least after putting the images in the repository, you can easily reference them and reuse them across assets.

The Dream

Let's make it so that when a user creates a news item and uploads a file, the file is immediately reusable by being referred to, instead of having to be uploaded over and over.

Upload Reference Widget is the promised land. It looks like a normal upload widget, but it creates a file or image in a predefined place and automatically adds a reference to the content item you are editing. It's like magic, without the entry fee.


Available versions of the software can be found in the download area.