Plone S5

This product allows you to create presentations straight from Plone in any browser using S5.


  • An implementation of Eric Meyer's S5 project
  • For more information on that see:
  • A simple way of implementing browser based slide shows in Plone
  • All credit goes to Eric, any blame for this version should come to me.


  • As per any standard Plone product
  • Unpack into the Products directory, restart Plone, then install from the Add/Remove Products directory inside portal_setup
  • Then add in a document (like this one) and , you'll see a little red icon in the document icons, click on it ppt
  • This will take you to the S5 presentation of that piece of content

How it works

  • Write a document in Plone, using H1's or headings to seperate your slides.
  • This example was written in Plone using Epoz.
  • You can also write in STX or reSTX, anything that produces H1's in HTML
  • Then click on the S5 icon and bingo you'll see a slide show. It chops each of the H1's into separate slides, placing the paragraphs under the tags inside the slide itself


  • By default there are three skins that come with this product:
  • the stock skin from Eric's site
  • a nice blue theme from Eric's site (default)
  • an Enfold Systems skin I use for work (this one)
  • Each theme is a layer (the enfold one is registered but not installed), if you look in the portal_skins > layers, you'll see them there. To have the stock skin be the default, move it up a layer.
  • To have your own new layer to be the default, make a layer and put it at the top and hey why not contribute to the project? Check it in.



  • More the merrier, please check in and thank Eric for a cool peice of code and give him some credit.
  • Licensed under the same as Eric's stuff Creative Commons Share Alike.