Spring 2010 Newlsetter

from the Enfold Systems Newsletter released May 12, 2010

2010 Plone Symposium East

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Enfold Systems is a sponsor for this year's symposium at Penn State University, May 24-30th.  The event includes two days of talks, along with training and sprints.  Alan Runyan will give a talk on "Content Delivery" on May 27th.  Learn more

Enfold Proxy 6.0

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This major release of Enfold Systems' Microsoft IIS Web Server integration with Plone includes the following NEW features:

Load balancing based on criteria
Enfold Proxy can now be configured based on HTTP request parameters to route requests to specific load balancing pools.

XDV integration
Enfold Proxy now supports XDV, a theming mechanism which enables site designers to more easily apply a new design using content generated from the Plone CMS.  Learn more
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Enfold Server 5.0

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Version 5.0 of Enfold Server is the final release of the "End-of-life" product.

This buildout based version of Enfold Server is to allow current adopters to have a simpler migration path to the core Plone distribution, and to make its Windows integration tools available for the Plone community.

The release is available as a windows installer, and as components for use in a buildout under the ZPL open source license.  Learn more
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Technical Contributions

ZODB 3.9.5
The ZODB 3.9, or newer, did not calculate the size of items in memory. Enfold identified and resolved the issue, allowing users to constrain the amount of RAM a Zope / Plone process uses to a specific size.

Also, If you attempted to run the ZODB in optimized mode, it would fail.  Enfold also addressed this issue and the fixes have been merged and incorporated into recent versions of the ZODB.

Plone 3.3.x now compatible with ZODB 3.9
Enfold has patched Zope 2.10/11.x  to now support the ZODB 3.9.  These changes are in the process of being merged with future releases.
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Also This Month

World Plone Day, April 28

Enfold Systems hosted the 2010 World Plone Day for the Texas area.  The event was well attended and included several newcomers to Plone. In addition, the event served as the inaugural event for the Houston Plone User's Group ("HPUG").  Read more

CMS Expo 2010, May 3-5

Enfold Systems co-sponsored a Plone track at the 2010 CMS Expo in Chicago. The 3-day conference was for business professionals and users to compare the top open source CMSes, head-to-head.

The Plone track included three full days of talks, case studies and interactive discussions given by Plone co-founders Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi, along with other speakers from the Plone community. Read more

Plone 4 User Guide

Enfold Systems is updating "A user's guide to Plone" for the upcoming Plone 4 release. Subscribe to our RSS feed to watch for its release!  Learn more
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