'Decoupled Delivery'? You're looking at it.

Clients and customers can see Enfold Systems' Decoupled Delivery solution at work on Enfold's own newly redesigned Web site, launched earlier this month.

Compared to the previous site, which primarily featured Enfold's software, the new site better showcases all the ways Enfold's expertise empowers organizations with the open-source Plone content management system.

As the company develops new ways to serve clients and customers, Decoupled Delivery will let Enfold's site evolve and grow easily. The content management application is Enfold's professionally supported Plone distribution, Enfold Server, which publishes content to a flexible “front-end” site based on the PHP Zend Framework and Smarty page templates. This architecture makes it easy to add new features to the site with only minimal modification to the powerful Plone application.

Get more details on the benefits of Decoupled Delivery here.