Enfold Desktop

Save time managing content with a new free version that gives you Windows desktop access to any Plone site.
Enfold Desktop is no longer supported and has been discontinued.
Key Features
Save time uploading content by using drag-and-drop to move items–individually or in bulk–between the Windows desktop and Plone. bullet on
Save time editing content in programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Dreamweaver or a text editor by opening Plone items directly from the Windows file manager. bullet on
Use the Windows file manager to quickly move content within Plone and change name and title.  bullet on
Use the Windows file manager to change description, workflow state and other metadata.* bullet on
Use the Desktop client component with any Plone site; the Desktop server component is now optional. bullet on
Protect private data with secure, encrypted file transfers. bullet on
Automatically lock content during editing to prevent overwriting and lost work. bullet on
Set up custom sessions so users can navigate directly to often-used folders, without having to drill down.* bullet on
Automatically convert Windows file names to all-ASCII, Plone-allowed content names.* bullet on
Automatically normalize content names for consistent, easy-to-remember Web addresses.* bullet on
* Requires free optional server component