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Ploud is a software as a service platform for the Plone content management system (Plone SaaS). Ploud offers both free and fee-based cloud hosting for Plone in a worry-free, scalable, production environment.

Enfold Systems developed the Ploud platform to allow the creation and cloning of Plone sites in less than 10 seconds. Ploud is perfect for individuals, consultants and organizations to evaluate and/or deploy the Plone CMS without installing software!

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Why Ploud?

  • Lower Initial Costs / Rapid Deployment
    With Ploud as your content management solution, you can have your Intranet, Extranet or public facing Website ready to go live in a matter of weeks instead of months.
  • No Migration Costs / Immediate Upgrades – Ploud offers “versionless Plone”, allowing your company or organization to take advantage of the latest features and fixes to the software without the need to allocate the budget and resources to migrate to the latest version.
  • SAAS + Community Development – Ploud provides all the benefits of a cloud based solution without the risk of slow application improvements often associated with proprietary solutions. With Ploud, you get the best of both worlds!
  • Easy Transfers - Ploud enables consultants and others to work within Ploud and later assign ownership of the solution to their customers and organizations.  If your site requirements grow in complexity or you need expanded support, easily migrate to Enfold's high-availability hosted platform.

Ploud is Plone+

Ploud is Plone!  Enjoy all of the core features you have come to love from this award winning CMS plus popular, trusted, add-ons for enhanced functionality including:

  • Ploud Theme Gallery allows you to install any theme available in the Plone community, use Diazo, or purchase/develop a theme and upload to your site.
  • Quick uploads, web forms, image rotation, portlets, calendaring, Facebook integration and custom content types using Dexterity.
  • Google Analytics to monitor and analyze website traffic.


Ploud is deployed using a high-availability VMware vCloud solution on multiple redundant SANs with redundant switch fabric. Our facilities feature low-latency IP connections through multiple providers on enterprise Cisco routers and switches.  The facility has 24×7 onsite security staffing with surveillance and access control and is SAS 70 Type II certified.

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Ploud is currently in BETA status.
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Giving Back!

Ploud provides a valuable service to the Plone community to feed scaling data back to the core Plone developers to help make future versions of Plone as fast as possible.